Wednesday, 4 February 2009

To lean for green?

EU meets to discuss transport emissions during economic downturn.

The Bournemouth based Yellow Buses Company, owned by Transdev, has announced it has invested £1.2m in developing greener public transport during 2008.
Head of marketing Jenni Wilkinson said: "Yellow Buses is passionate about green issues and further investment is planned this year."
In September 2008, Yellow buses launched a new scheme called 'Carbon Stoppers' and now donates a proportion of its income to green charities.
Wilkinson added: "To date more than one thousand pounds has been raised. The Yellow Buses Company has guaranteed its involvement in the project until the end of 2009."
The European Union have been meeting this week to discuss whether the credit crunch will stop transport companies from reducing CO2 emissions.
At a conference with the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council, Janez Potocnick, the European commissioner for science and technology said: "CO2 reduction will bring both environmental benefits and re-enforce competitiveness."
However public transport is clearly only a small part of the problem. Currently, 50% of Europe's road transport emissions come from road haulage, with private cars being the next largest contributor.
In Brussels the research council is optimistic and hopes: "Stimulating demand for low-emission cars during the downturn should help bring idle capacity in the sector back into action quicker."

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