Thursday, 12 February 2009

So Attractive Men...

A Bournemouth man is set to launch a series of talks tonight aimed at improving the mental well-being of men across Dorset.

Event organiser of the So Attractive Men… talks Tim Chaloner said: "There is always an opportunity for people to look at themselves, especially in the current economic climate, and to say how can I present myself in a more attractive way?"

Mr Chaloner who has been working on his own self development for 2 years added: "Part of the reason why I wanted to do this was because I belong to the Mankind project and after speaking to some guys there I was inspired to set my own group up."

The So Attractive Men… talks are aimed at giving men help becoming more confident and raising their self esteem.

Mr Chaloner said: "My understanding is that there is plenty of support for women and I thought it would be interesting to have talks exclusively for men."
Tonight's speaker, career consultant David Carey, said: "Emotional intelligence is really all about how to be successful in life."
Mr Carey added: "That mix of an average traditional IQ and a high emotional IQ will tend to make you more financially successful in life."

However Mr Carey insists there are other areas of improvement that are just as important as professional success adding: "but it also means you'll be more successful in other areas, in relationships and dealing with people."

The first talk is being held this evening at the Bar So rooms in the Exeter hotel at 7.30.

To find out more about the So Attractive Men talks you can visit or phone 07727844258.

To get more information on the Mankind project visit

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