Friday, 20 February 2009

Broadstone to back conservation

The people of Broadstone are set to have their say on the plans to extend the conservation area within the town later today.

Poole Borough Council is hosting the first of two public meetings at Broadstone Methodist church on Lower Blanford road this afternoon from 2pm until 7pm.

Poole conservation officer Margo Teasdale hopes residents will come to the meetings and feels there is strong support for the plans.

"I think generally there is consensus that it is positive and forward looking" she said.

The plans would mean that future building would have to match Broadstone's historic image.
Ms Teasdale said: "Any planning applications will have to be reviewed and assessed for the impact on the character and appearance of the area."

"We would like to improve the area, give it more of an image and recognise its importance" she added.

The Broadstone residents association, whose 3,300 members make up over half the population of the area, are supporting the plans.

Planning officer Pat Talbot said: "Particularly with planning we are most concerned that we should maintain the character and appearance of the whole of this area."

"In my mind, extending this as they are, is in all honesty nothing but good. If you want to do something then convert with taste" he added.

Mr Talbot also felt that it would benefit local business: "We all try within the village to work closely as a community and are fortunate to have an active chamber of trade… we are very blessed with the facilities we have."

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