Friday, 20 February 2009

Immigrant workers supporting the Dorset economy?

During a time of economic hardship many people will argue that Europe needs to protect its workers from cheap immigrant labour.

However is this actually in the best interests of the economy?

Earlier this week the EU revealed plans to tighten its immigration policy but is there a danger of the European Union becoming an exclusive club cut off from the wider world?

In Western Europe, expecially, many societies have an ageing population that need immigrant work to support local businesses.

Bournemouth MEP Graham Watson is correct to highlight the situation: "Reports have shown how very hard pressed we would be here in the South West without a pool of immigrant labour."

Mr Watson adds "We must not turn Europe into a fortress." In my opinion he has hit the nail on the head.

Recent concerns in the mining community calling for 'British jobs for British workers' must be aware of the wider picture and that it is unrealistic to ask Gordon Brown to put up barriers within the European Union.

Illegal immigration is something that needs to be controlled by the authorities but we must not link this with the genuine taxpaying workers from other countries.

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