Friday, 14 August 2009

Just the Job for Jake

With businesses struggling to make a profit and unemployment levels rising across the country people looking to break into the job market could be forgiven for losing heart.

However the message from one teenager in Swindon is to keep at it.

After nearly two years out of work, 19 year old Jake Skelton landed a Job at the Jurys Inn hotel on Fleming way. “As long as you stick it out you’ll always find your reward.” Jake said.

“I’ve told some of my mates, once you’ve got a job and you earn the money that’s coming in it makes you feel a lot better.”

Six weeks on from starting as a night porter Jake has already noticed a difference, “Now I feel a hell of a lot better.” He said.

“I can go out to the pub with my mates, I go bowling and can socialise with my family. Last weekend I even rented a boat out.”

Before being given the job at Jurys Inn, Jake went through a two week pre-employment training course, run by the New Deal team at Swindon Job Centre Plus. “We had tutors from Swindon College as well as people from Jury’s.” Jake said.

“They taught us team bonding and how important it is to have fun at work- and it really works. I really enjoy my job.” he added.

Carly Fender, HR Manager at Jurys Inn also thinks that it is important to train new staff members with a wide range of skills.

“They visited the kitchens at Swindon College and prepared food and served it to us. Everyone on the course was guaranteed an interview but not a job.” She said.

The training scheme is part of a government drive to get people without experience into work, a hurdle that Jake himself frequently came up against.

“I applied for hundreds of jobs but I needed experience to get them and no one’s willing to give you a go. I got the odd temping job at warehouses, but it was only for a week or two at a time.” Jake said.

But Jake insisted that there is help available and described how staff at Job Centre Plus “arranged for some funding so that I could buy myself a new suit from Burton’s for my interview.”

Jake added: “There is a silver lining to everything. You’ve just got to have hope in it really.”