Saturday, 28 February 2009

Man admits text harassment

A Bournemouth man confessed to sending over 50 text messages of harassment to his ex girlfriend and her 19-year-old daughter at Bournemouth Magistrates court yesterday.

Jason Stephen Hayle, aged 34, from Randolph Park in Parkstone admitted sending 53 text messages to Barbara and Ursula Byfield between the 27 November and December 17 last year.

Lee Turner, prosecuting, said Hayle, who used to live with Mrs Byfield had been involved in "sending numerous text messages and phone calls to both victims," which also included "not only references to her but to her family."

Mr Turner then read out a statement from Barbara Byfield which said: "I simply want him to leave us alone."

Rob Nicholas, defending, told the court that "Mr Hayle does suffer from depression and has be referred to a councillor."

"The reason he sent this number of messages was to get a response" he added.

Mr Nicholas also said that Hayle was largely unaware of the impact the messages were having on Mrs Byfield and that when the messages were read out "the defendant was shocked and surprised."

Presiding magistrate, Mr Eric Watson, summarised by saying "aggravating factors were the large number of texts, 53, and that you were consuming alcohol."

Hayle was issued with a 12 month restraining order not to contact the family or go within 200 metres of the family home.

He was also given a 12 month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £60 of court costs.

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