Friday, 26 June 2009

The results are in!

Results of a survey into people’s drinking preferences in pubs have shown that poor customer service is a key factor.

100 pub goers were questioned by this site with results showing that poor customer service, bad food and a poor atmosphere were the main reason drinkers were staying away.

Suzzanah White from The Thimble Inn encouraged landlords to: “Listen to your villagers and try and accommodate what they want.”

“Encourage everybody to come in to the pub and do different events, special suppers or something.”

The top factors attracting people to the pub were socialising with friends and experiencing the pub atmosphere.

Steve Howe from the British Institute of Inn keeping said: “Do the simple things well, go back to basics and look at all aspects of the customer journey in your outlet and remember that it is a business.”

Give a good welcome and make people feel that that you appreciate that they are spending their hard earned money in your establishment.”

The results also showed that the impact of the smoking ban has dwindled in recent years with 51% of people questioned thinking the issue was totally irrelevant.

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