Sunday, 17 January 2010

Life at RBS

I have been working at the Royal Bank of Scotland for nearly 3 months now and have found myself in the position of being on the inside of one of the biggest ongoing stories of the past eighteen months.

It is well documented how RBS along with Lloyds, HBOS and Northern Rock have been propped up with tax payers money and the controversy surrounding bonus payments to directors on all sides.

Yet what of the staff in branch? The men and women who pay your cheques into your account on a daily basis?

Last month RBS announced that it was going to offer voluntary redundancy to thousands of its Customer Service Officers and in the weeks leading up to Christmas an air of uncertainty descended on employees.

While these job cuts were set to be voluntary some were concerned that if few people stepped forward then the decision may be taken out of there hands?

All this was happening at a time when stories regarding xmas bonuses were being printed and some members of the public were asking if they were filling the cash machine with taxpayers money?

Perhaps it is worth remembering that the money paid to the banks isn't being used for one big party and that the majority of the employees are no more responsible for it's failings than your average man on the street.

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