Friday, 6 March 2009

Man admits cannabis possession

A man had more than £30 of cannabis on him when he was found slumped on the side of a street, Bournemouth Magistrates heard yesterday.

Michael Rodgers, aged 24, from York road in Broadstone, admitted purchasing 12 grams of cannabis resin for personal use.

Mr Newman, prosecuting, described how police patrolling Stratford road had noticed Rodgers slumped on the ground.

They then went over to check on his well-being and on finding the cannabis in his jacket pocket, arrested him.

Mr Newman said: "Mr Rodgers was unable to recall the events leading up to his arrest due to the large amount of alcohol in his system."

Mark Hensleigh, defending, said Rodgers who suffers from learning disabilities and mental health problems, had been out of trouble for over two years.

"He wasn't causing a problem to members of the public" said Mr Hensleigh,"he'd only just bought the cannabis."

Rodgers was given an 18 month conditional discharge and ordered to pay court costs of £60.

After receiving his sentence Rodgers turned to the magistrates' bench and gave a 'thumbs up' before leaving the court room.

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