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Gus MacGregor live at the Pig and Whistle

Gus MacGregor live at the Pig and Whistle from Mammj on Vimeo.

Bournemouth Folk Club live at the Pig and Whistle

Hidden away in a pub hall ostentatiously named ‘Centre stage’ the Bournemouth Folk club hosted the best of local folk talent on Sunday evening. The leading act was Switzerland born, Gus MacGregor, who is a veteran of the music circuit.

Casually walking on stage with a pint of lager in one hand and his guitar in the other, MacGregor immediately establishes a rapport with the throng of folk thespians that have gathered at the Pig and Whistle.MacGregor is perfect for a Sunday evening.

Early impressions lead to comparisons with songwriters such as James Blunt and MacGregor’s soft vocals and well crafted lyrics allow his music to wash over you in a similar way.Songs such as Rose Garden and Before the Unions Fell, let the listener connect with MacGregor’s past, resulting in songs that are often uplifting yet deep.

MacGregor, who picked up his sisters’ guitar and taught himself to play, cites Bob Dylan and Paul Simon as early musical influences and enjoys playing at smaller venues: “I think intimate venues for my music are perfect, just me and a guitar most of the time,” MacGregor says at the end of the night.

The crowd that earlier that evening was reprimanded for talking loudly during performances by Folk chairman, Paul Burke, was silent during MacGregor’s set and the atmosphere prickled at the end of each song.It was clear why MacGregor was top of the bill.

Of the many support acts, former Bournemouth University student Sarah Griffin, stood out from the rest. With a voice filled with sorrow, Griffin’s character really came through and her skill with the Mandolin was truly refreshing.

Unfortunately not all the performers were as strong as MacGregor and Griffin, with one performer being unfortunately unaware of her own vocal range. Alison Bailey, in particular, appeared nervous and uncomfortable on stage.

The Bournemouth folk club holds concerts at the Pig and Whistle every Sunday and Thursday and at £4 for adults and £2 for concessions, it is well worth experiencing the Dorset folk scene.

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