Monday, 10 November 2008

We PC - Just a Gimmick?

The Head Engineer from SPD computers in Bournemouth has labelled the new Intel and ASUS website, as “just a gimmick”.

Nathan Stafford, 28 said “it’s not going to do anything really, they want their work done for free.” He also voiced concerns that if a member of the public came up with a good idea that it would just be exploited. Mr Stafford added “When it comes to the insides they haven’t got a say it’s down to the designers.” which launched just under two weeks ago by Intel and ASUS challenges the public to “help shape the future of the PC.” One idea put forward by forum member ‘sivious’ was a solar powered notebook, however Mr Stafford suggests that this is simply not feasible.

SPD computers specialises in custom made PCs for the public and runs it's own system builder online, Mr Stafford said “they can search the whole market and we get that for them.”

It also seems that with the downturn in the economy people are looking to maintain their current computer systems rather than imagine new ones. Mr Stafford said “we are not selling the high end systems and have seen a huge increase in the repairs.”

To contact SPD computers you can visit their website at or call 01202 267267. To dream up your own PC you can visit

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